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Name: Tarik
Age: 16
Male or Female: Male
Location: Greensboro, NC
Height: 5'11
Weight: 160
Eye Color: Brown
Natural Hair Color: Brown
Body Modifications: None
Sexuality: Straight
Dating Status:Enjoying high school combined w/ what being single offers.
Virgin or Not: VirginxCore for a bit longer, by choice of course ;)

Movie: Chasing Amy
Actor/Actress: Al Pacino
TV Show: Family Guy
Band: Against Me! or Strike Anywhere
Song: Godspeed You Black Emperor - Dead Flag Blues
Artist: Floz (graffiti artist)
Author: Stephen Chbosky
Color: Crimson (it has the coolest sound)
Food: Animal friendly ones I suppose...
Drink: Water
Clothes Store: Wherever stuff is reasonably priced....Old Navy if I'm feeling rich.
Article of Clothing:My peacoat
Possession:My Computer

Why you should be accepted: I have no life but LJ.
Your own question and answer: Q: What would Jesus Do?? A: Hang there and bleed

In my defense the pics w/ me and the other dude, we're being dickheads on purpose. We have this thing called Pillow Fight Club, and we needed pictures to challenge the other teams...so they had to look extra...douchy....yep. So just know that we're not being that lame on purpose.

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