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[About you]
Name: marnie
Age: 15
Male or Female: female
Location: LA

Height: 5'6
Weight: 114
Eye Color: blue/green
Natural Hair Color: brown
Body Modifications: 5 ear piecings
Sexuality: straight
Dating Status: dating
Virgin or Not: virgin

Movie: virgin suicides, the shining, edward scissorhands, beetleguise, alfred hitchcock and tim burton are geniuses ... i usually love their work, , labrynth,

Actor/Actress: scarlett johansson, i love the roles she chooses

TV Show: that 70's show
Band: hard to say...hendrix, red hot chili peppers, marley, led zeppelin, cream, pink floyd, refused,  nirvana... i'm pretty versatile

Song: under the bridge - red hot chili peppers, the immigrant song, tangerine, stairway to heaven- led zeppelin, white room- cream, panama- van halen, boyz in the hood- dynamite hack,  queens of the stoneage- go with the flow, balloon- prodigy... the list goes on

Artist: andy warhol, diane arbus, man ray
Author: ken kesey
Color: green
Food: sushi
Drink: cosmo
Clothes Store: wasteland
Article of Clothing: pins and cheap sunglasses

Possession: gibson sg

Why you should be accepted: i'll be active in voting and promoting

and all of the people in here seem awesome to know. i love taking pictures, so

i'll post a lot of interesting stuff
Your own question and answer: what is free love?

when people have wild promiscuous random sex with multiple partners in order to

free themselves from the taboos of society... i'm trying to start a revolution

<<< just thought you'd enjoy that


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