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Yes, I'm new.

[About You]

Name: Well, the name that was given to me from my parents is Brian but I prefer to be called Hubbs (my last name)
Age: I am 19 years old as of December 29th
Male or Female: I am a Male
Location: Shirley (who names a town SHIRLEY???) Ny..
Height: Hmmm haven't measured myself lately but I was 5'9" last time I did (yehh I'm short)
Weight: I think I'm 150lbs?
Eye Color: Dark green/Light Brown
Natural Hair Color: Dark brown
Body Modifications: None...I just work out more than I should, lol
Sexuality: I am straight, completely but I do appreciate male beauty. Not lie penises or anything I just appreciate when I see a good looking guy. I don't see myself ever doing anything with a male but I do respect lesbians and gay men because I think with all the, "gay is bad" stuff nowadays I think it is great that they can still be themselves.
Dating Status: I am single but there is one girl that I would love to be with.
Virgin or Not: I am a virgin, I choose to wait until love although I respect people with other views on pre-marital sex and just sex in general.

Movie: Hmm I'd have to say Butterfly Effect.
Actor/Actress: Julia Roberts and John Travolta.
TV Show: Fear Factor. It's just fun to watch people do things that I never think that I could do myself.
Band: Sublime,Switchblade Symphony,Velvet Revolver and I love Tupac.
Song: Runaway Train by Soul Asylum.
Artist: Van Goh, yes, Van Goh.
Author: Stephen King writes great books.
Color: Umm Green, I like Green a lot.
Food: Pizza -- and don't leave out the pepperoni (I'm obsessed).
Drink: Shirley Temples or Lime Rickeys
Clothes Store: Pac Sun
Article of Clothing: My dads Varsity football jacket. I treasure it because my dad passed away when I was 5...I wear that jacket all the time now and make sure I keep it in tip-top shape.
Possession: The photo album that I have that has all the pictures of my family and friends in it. Basically just the people that are always there for me and support me in whatever I do.

Why should you be accepted: I think I should be accepted because I am an honest person. I am also respectful. I don't think I'm the hottest person alive but I also don't think I am ugly.
Your own question and answer: How would you describe yourself? I would describe myself as a fun,rambunctious honest and respectful person. I think that I am a gentleman. I think girls/women are the most precious things on earth. I am down to earth. I don't judge people before knowing them and I am very trusting and loyal. I am too nice and sometimes I get hurt because of it.

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