bondage_siren (bondage_siren) wrote in fuckyourlooks,

[About you]
Name: Serafina
Male or Female: vagina
Location: Whorelando, FL
Weight:115 lbs
Eye Color: brown(I wear blue contacts)
Natural Hair Color: brown
Body Modifications: pierced ears and navel, ink desired but I’m broke
Sexuality: straight..but a tad kinky
Dating Status: single
Virgin or Not: virgin (yea..I’m pretty surprised myself)

Movie: Amelie
Actor/Actress: Johnny Depp (not just because he’s sexy)
TV Show: don’t watch much..ATHF is amusing
Band: can’t pick a favorite, so I’ll give a few: Crass, Aus Rotten, Against All Authority, The Faint, MSI, Misfits, Folly and so on and so forth...
Song: for this week it’s 12-26 by Kimya Dawson
Artist: Gustav Klimt
Author: Shakespeare
Color: green
Food: tacos
Drink: soda: mountain dew, alcohol: vodka
Clothes Store: thrift stores are fun
Article of Clothing: studded belt with locking handcuffs for buckle
Possession: computer I suppose..I’m an internet addict

Why you should be accepted: Someday I’m taking over the world, and you’d want to be on my good side
Your own question and answer: What do you want to be when you grow up? A fuckin pirate

I was very confused by this hat

Who doesn't love crappy webcams?

My friend Sam and I while we were in NY, inside CBGB's

What I looked like little over a month ago..people said my hair looked like cotton candy

Back when the hair was black

Best random shot of me ever.

C'est fin

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